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Star Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Gorakhpur is one of the most modern hospitals of eastern UP started in the year 1988. Since then it believes that medical excellence requires both scientific expertise and respect for the patient as an individual. This simple idea has immerge as a long tradition of excellence in meeting the total medical needs of our patients; from newborns to the very old; from preventive medicine to life saving emergency care. As a major health center, Star hospital is more than a reno-wned hospital where medical breakthroughs and advances are common.

S.A.F.A.L Test tube baby and fertility centre was established in 2005. It is the first infertility center of eastern Uttar Pradesh. Gorakhpur region was not familiar with the test tube baby concept at the time of establishment of S.A.F.A.L., Star Hospital brought the technique of IVF and all advanced reproductive techniques here.

Star Hospital Pvt. Ltd. always believed in providing advanced medical facilities to the people of eastern region. At STAR Hospital we are ‘Determined for a disease free society’ and ‘the pursuit for progress is endless’. S.A.F.A.L. is a ray of hope for the Infertile Couples. In S.A.F.A.L all types of Infertility treatment are done like IVF, IUI, ICSI and Embryo Freezing etc.

S.A.F.A.L was established with the help of expert team of doctors of national and international repute. Initially, it was supported by Dr. Narendra Malhotra and Dr. Jaideep Malhotra from Agra. Dr. (Mrs.) Surheeta Kareem, the director of S.A.F.A.L had been an expert laparoscopic surgeon since 1997, having been trained in laparoscopy and hysteroscopy from Germany. She also took training in A.R.T. technique at Mumbai under Dr. Mette Mank from Sweden and under Prof. B.M.Chakraborty of I.H.R.M, Kolkata.

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